Growing up and global issues

I am going on a limb here so I would love your perspective on this Blog.

Our Culture is immature.... Just look at the news, and the top 100 Google search.

I don't want to sound like an old man, pointing fingers at the younger generation, because this topic has nothing to do with your biological age....

The kind of maturation I am writing about has also nothing to do with where you came from, if you are formally educated or not (although it may help) or what color of skin you where born with.

Just before we begin, a few words of warning

1. To be clear— What I am pointing here is NOT a “Bad, better, best” scale of maturation, but one of simply growing up.

2. I am relating this Blog to culture I live in. I don't think for a moment that what I write about has any relevance for people who are currently starving, in a war zone, homeless or in any other life threatening station.

3. We have seen how so many ‘mature’ cultures of the past thought it was a good idea to enslave, indoctrinate, and kill ‘immature’ or ‘bad/evil’ others. So, this topic is already loaded with the horror and trauma of the past. However, if you follow the logic of my Blog, you will see that I am pointing at a radically different process of growth and maturation. And if not, please do me a favour and write your concerns and feedback in the comments below so I can make myself clearer. ​​​​​​​​​

Okay, what does healthy maturation look like?

Growing up is the human capacity to hold (more and more) diversity of opinions and perspectives. It is the 'collective pool' of discovered creativity and social-cultural solutions. The deep democracy of the soul, which is the ability to hold multiplicity and diversity within ourselves (and between us and others!).

On an individual level, growing up includes at least five aspects of the psyche:

1. Greater depth of subjectivity;

2. Expansion of creativity;

3. Somatic integration;

4. Transformation (personal unity as soul);

5. Psychological development;

Each one of these five aspects should have its own Blog because I think that most systems of development miss (at least) one or more of these aspects. All five emerge through intra-subjective inner work, contemplative practices, peer support (or group therapy), art-based inquiry, psychotherapy, solitude in natural environments, and many other forms of soul inquiry and psycho-cultural interventions.

Growing up like a rain forest

Think about the process of growing up as a rain forest: Greater species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms and healthy ecosystems can better withstand and recover from a variety of disasters.

So it is with our psyche. When it comes to our inner work, growing up is a key factor in our collective and personal psychic strength. Without diversity, consciousness is weak and it is more easily threatened or manipulated. Without diversity, consciousness is narrow, thus affecting our wellbeing and vitality.

Let’s take corn as an example. There are dozen varieties of corn with a multitude of diverse colors, tastes, adaptability to different climates (not to mention the aspect of beauty). Although corn is one family of grain, its diversity allows it to flourish. Once we created a “terminator seed”, we risk more (and more) pesticide control and we lose the natural ability to adapt and evolve. The same can be said about the mind: If we say that the ways we understand the world should only be one way, we loose adaptability, perspective, and beauty. Some forms of political or social ideologies (like with the big seed companies), wish to create dependency on their diagnosis of reality. In this hierarchical model, the farmer on the one hand and the citizen on the other hand, become dependent and ‘enslaved’ to the system in order to receive 'the right solution'/seeds....