NEI Announces January 2021 EMERGE Integrative Leadership Training!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The New Earth Institute is thrilled to announce our three-month coaching program, EMERGE: Integrative Leadership for Social Impact & Cultural Change, starting January 2021.

Our immersive retreat is for social change leaders who are passionate about building initiatives for their communities and the planet: those who are unafraid to be both spiritual and practical, vulnerable and powerful, unapologetic and compassionate - who embrace difference in search of common ground and foster interconnectedness amidst an epidemic of social dislocation.

What we’re offering: 

Eight people, surrounded by nature

Following their dream projects,

And creating the change the world needs. 

This live-in program strikes a balance between being a regenerative retreat, a transformational leadership training experience, and an incubator for the next evolution of your work. Participants will spend three months living at the NEI’s Centre on Bowen Island, BC, surrounded by the mountains and forests, and participate in a suite of learning experiences with our diverse team of leaders and specialists, including...

  • Earth based education,

  • Leadership training,

  • Business plan development,

  • Insights from developmental psychology,

  • Individual and group therapy,

  • Yoga and meditation,

  • Wisdom teachings,

  • Walks in nature,

  • Inner work, and more

We are seeking eight participants for the January 2021 program. 

Ask yourself: 

Are you passionate about building vibrant, connected, meaning-making communities? 

Do you yearn to create common ground in a diverse and fractured world?