Getting religious about our collective genius

A podcast by Chela Davison in conversation with Dr. Rabi

The Podcast episode:

Listen in while they talk about:

  • Moving from Individualism to collectivism, why it’s so difficult and also necessary for our co-evolution, as well as the need for the individual to be strong to healthily move into collective spaces.

  • Mental health and leadership. You can be compromised and still lead. You can be navigating depression and anxiety and still cultivate deep trust and hope. How deep time and connection to wisdom traditions and lineages help us to navigate challenging times.

  • Navigating the frustration and potential defeat of leading initiatives that you know won’t come to fruition or completion in your lifetime. How to be in the in-between and give yourself over to purpose.

  • Right timing, knowing when to sit with and let something incubate and when you must act. Trusting both timing and also knowing that to not heed a calling will create more suffering than all the terror of leaning into it.

  • Reclaiming the word religion, looking at what’s been lost in cultures and communities that have left religion behind and what it may look like to reclaim this word in “progressive” or “spiritual” spaces that have developed an allergy or intolerance given the harm and oppression that’s historically occurred in religious institutions. If you’re triggered by the word religion, make sure to stay all the way to the end. Such juicy perspectives.

  • Knowing what is and isn’t yours and how collectivism takes the pressure off what you’re holding and births something you can’t do on your own.

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