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I love that my religious & spiritual believes are a fraction of the infinite wisdom of God.

That the only thing I know is my experience of him.

And yet, I want to bridge the gap of my experience toward a common ground of worship.

Not a common belief!

Nor a mutual respect to disagree…

I am seeking a common ground that is always new because it is alive.

And if I didn’t lose y

ou yet,

I am guessing you want that too?

And heres the thing—

I feel that God (Spirit, life, creation, call it what you wish) misses us.

That the longing for connection is mutual.

As if God says, “stay here with me, why do you leave?”

And in the patience of his longing

His love teaches me the language of life.

I was scared to come out of my ‘spiritual closet' because it is not so cool to admit I care about God. That I love God. That I am asked to serve God.

When people put their preconceptions, projections, and painful past on what I know to be a core aspect of myself, it makes me feel ashamed and embraced.

But I can’t hind anymore because I believe that the story of God—the future of God—is still being written and I feel that our lives is the ink in which this story is told.

Embodying silence has become my passion

& teaching it to others my goal.

Find out more in my new book, "Spiritual Misfits: Collaboration and Belonging in a divisive world" on amazon

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