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How to orientate toward emergence?

They come in many names: Gates, initiations, needs, zones, developmental tasks, chakras, 'contact points'. Regardless of how we call them, we humans must continuously learn to embody them if we wish to feel increased safety, vitality, love, connection & fearlessly bring forth our unique gifts to the world.

These comprehensive, (self) organizing developmental emergence (CODE) are in alignment with the dynamic intelligence of life itself. They are not something one can master or achieve. As spirit, culture and people evolves, so does the CODE. Thus, each generation is asked to creatively participant as embedded interpreters in the co-evolutionary unfolding of reality. As we become more complex, diverse, and connected, our old 'road maps' become more and more irrelevant. Our unique needs, beliefs, social norms, motivational patterns, values and goals need to be 'upgraded'.

We currently are lacking a relevant and updated 'operating system' to support life on this planet. Our notions of what is good, beautiful and true are in disarray. This has led many to feel increased isolation, dislocation, anxiety, depression, addiction and social fragmentation.

As humans, we always wanted to take to the sky and tried to do so for hundred of years… We knew it was possible but didn’t have the right technology and capacity. I believe that people around the world are currently trying to ’take off’ into new frontiers in religion and social-cultural evolution. We have the opportunity for a new sociocultural evolution. We can see the new territories, feel the change happening but lack relevant, workable & updated road maps to live our future now. The question remains: How can people and communities fulfil their unfolding essence? What kind of process will support this?

A few years ago, I walked in a field by my house. I felt a call to action coming from within. It was a simple request— create a space to celebrate the self-organizing, ever-evolving and inexhaustibly diverse reality that is God and to embody spirit in community. I spent the past two years speaking to leaders in the field, writing and meditating. Combined with more than 20 years of studying and reflections, I have developed a value-oriented process that allow individuals and communities to address these critical questions and develop personalized, relevant and effective road maps. I named the process 'seven direction.'

I wish to share my perspective and to help others to add theirs to the unfolding story of God and life.

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