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How to build Healthy communities

If we wish to build healthy communities and truly come together, we must initially focus our attention on grounding to develop presence, safety and capacity. Once established, we will be able to enter our vibrating & diverse inner world which will allow us to get to know our unique self and its one of a kind view point of reality. By knowing self, we can meet and learn to love others. When human beings come together with this kind of capacity, they can communicate In love and have a way to express their common ground, values and uniqueness in community. Only then—and this is where communities usually collapse or have lots of discord—can we hold a wide enough vision of our union.

This integration can be achieved by examining our individual fragmentation and re-envisioning who we are and can be in relationship to the more-than-human world, life and God/reality. This becomes the ground for a transpersonal to emerge, where through contemplative practices and an introduction to a wider map of the human psyche we can support (or suggest) a higher potential for a deeper existential life, where people recognize their unique self, their expression, their poetic life & also can go into the domain of the Self (Basic intelligence / world soul / nature mysticism)

I believe that what has been common in all great traditions, can be highly effective for this process. The following elements can be integrated to support the transitions: ​

Ceremonies— A repeated, formal and season based occasion. A connecting points in communities by bringing people together. Ceremonies help to ‘frame’ life, and thus create a spiral continuity throughout the seasons and years to help us connect to each other through agreed (and culturally approved) meaning-making exchanges.

Foundational Practices —The primordial practices provide the most fluid, caring and creative kind of stability when it is needed the most. May come together or stand alone to become a therapeutic, spiritual, relational, educational, and meditative-embodied movement that supports the transformation of people and communities for the prosperity of life, connection, and meaning.

Initiations— Initiations are the unique and personnel penetrative ritual to access our vast inner life or to connect with the more then human world, soul or the divine. These rite of passages happens as needed and are used as (1) ‘gates’ to highhanded states of consciousness; (2) as means to examine future stages of development or (3) to explore our primordial fears and terror.

Principles— A set of nested values and guidelines for safety, communication, connection and integrity.

Archetypes — Archetypes are the collective myths that reside in the unconscious of humankind, influencing feelings, experiences and behaviour on the subconscious level of the mind. The can be linked to the symbolic, helping us to explore the core elements of human existence. Each archetype has a life giving aspect and a shadow aspect— Located on a spectrum.

I will be writing more about this in the near future...

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