With the epidemic of dislocation and polarization, the New Earth Institute supports people in building regenerative communities to foster a greater sense of belonging, improved mental health, resilience, empathy, and tolerance. We wish to be a hub for emerging collaborative and developmental worldviews that can respond to the cultural and social complexities of our time. 



In search of a common ground in a diverse world-in-transition

  • Holism — A response to social isolation and a way to increase our awareness of our interconnected nature  ​

  • Rhythm — A way back to personal, cultural and ecological regulation and as a means for greater harmony within our nervous system and in our planet

  • Creativity — Meeting fear with the collective creative force as a way enhance resilience and ignite our passion  

  • Presence — Personal liberation for the benefit of all beings as an antidote to suffering 

  • Balance — Embracing difference, expanding tolerance and finding the delicate balance between worldviews and values to fight divisiveness

Image by Geran de Klerk

Meditation on the Sacred Impulse

There is an impulse. 

Nature abides by it. Life flows from it. 

Poets attempt to describe it. 

Scientists observe it. 


The impulse is a cross-cultural and developmental phenomenon. Its basic qualities appear in all cultures throughout history, although they manifest differently due to its adaptable and creative nature. 


The impulse is a call of love to all that is sacred in the Cosmos. It is the past and future, arising in the now. Always evolving, self-organizing, unifying, it includes everything that came before you. It is the sum total of all that is and all that will be. It keeps reinventing itself to discover more of itself. The impulse is alive and is thus always changing. Like waves and particles, it escapes definition and yet, we always and inevitably embody it through our own awareness. 


You know it most directly when you sense the miracle that you are— where you might have come from, where you are heading as a person, as part of the zeitgeist, and as part of the story of humanity. You are a child of the Cosmos. 


The one and only you; there will never be another just like you. You are the witness to that which you are: As yourself (when you self-reflect); your culture (when you celebrate and critique it); and this world (when you enjoy and protect it). When you grow and evolve, you heal yourself and the mistakes and traumas of a collective past.

You are the link between the past and the future, and therefore an agent of change. Every perception, insight, and truth you have ever experienced is nested in an unfolding grid that is timeless and boundless. The way you think, feel, and behave are all connected to the original impulse

From the book "Spiritual Misfits: Collaboration and Belonging in a divisive world" By Shahar Rabi

Image by Jasper Garratt

What changes do you want to embody in your life and in the world?