Embody your uniqueness 


Bi-weekly process groups

There is no healing nor growth without love. And love starts with the understanding that all perceptions are acts of protecting the self. People heal not because they are ‘fixed’, but because they become more in sync with life.


But that’s just the start… ​​


Without committed, repeated, daily engagements, the change won’t last. Our bi-weekly groups are therapeutic in their essence but they are much more then just that— they are an opportunity to be reborn into new possibilities! The ‘cocoon-ness’ of the program, gives birth to a new view of your life as one that can be more spontaneous, with more pure pleasure that is inexpressible, full of loving kindness and compassion. 


Bowen Island 

Group meets every second Monday, starting September 18th. 

When: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Location: Cates Hill chapel  

Facilitated by Dr. Shahar Rabi (I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia. Receipts can be provided for extended health insurance coverage) 

$290- 350 (sliding scale) for 7 meetings, starting September 18th until the 11th of December (Not including tax) 

Why join?

If we wish to build healthy communities and truly come together, we must initially focus our attention on grounding to develop presence, safety and capacity with others (be in love ones, co-wokrers or members in our community). Once established, we will be able to enter our vibrating & diverse inner world which will allow us to get to know our unique self and it’s one of a kind view point of reality. By knowing self, we can meet and learn to love others. When human beings come together with this kind of capacity, they can communicate In love and have a way to express their common ground, values and uniqueness in community. Only then, can we hold a wide enough vision of our deep connections with ourselves, others and life.

*When paying for the three month minimum commitment.

** Sliding scale optional 


All beings just as they are, are already Buddhas, whether they know it or not... Buddha nature is not a potential, it is the way we already are

Magid, 2007 

Year long process groups 

What makes meaning-making possible? How can we transform daily events into awakening experiences? How can we integrate our inner dimensions of desire, feeling, will, and reason into a life that we can be proud of? Not an easy task in such complex, dynamic and unpredictable times! ​'7 Direction' is based on four long weekends during a year. The process will focus on three major areas— connection, community, and a path.

    ▪    Connection— To self, others and Spirit 

    ▪    Community as leader— Transforming the community to hold greater life, love, feelings and experiences. 

    ▪    Path—Developing a unique roadmap for radical living through practices that develop clarity and action. 



Why join?

If we had to summarize this year long program, it would go something like this: Letting go into the free fall from the 'cliff of Beliefs' and (At the same time) the discovery we were born with wings. The program is therapeutic in its essence but it does much more then just that— It is an opportunity to be reborn into possibilities! The ‘cocoon-ness’ of the program, gives birth to a new view of reality as spontaneous pure pleasure that is inexpressible, full of loving kindness and compassion. 

This year long program will help you optimize the core elements of your life through group and personal work. You will explore core needs, build resilience, break old patterns and connect to your life force & sustainable joy. 

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