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A bit of theory  

There is an impulse.

Nature abides by it.Life flows from it.

Poets attempt to describe it.

Scientists observe it.


The impulse is a cross-cultural and developmentalphenomenon. Its basic qualities appear in all cultures throughout history, although they manifest differently due to its adaptable and creative nature. The impulse is alive and is thus always changing. Like waves and particles, it escapesdefinition (as a wave) and yet, we always and inevitablyembody it (as a particle, when we give it our awareness).

The impulse is a call of love to all that is sacred in the Cosmos. It is the past and future, arising in the now. Always evolving, self-organizing, unifying, it includes everything that came before you. It is the sum total of all that is and all that will be.

It keeps reinventing itself to discover more of itself.


You know it most directly when you sense the miracle that you are— where you might have come from, where you are heading as a person, as part of the zeitgeist, and as part of the story of humanity.

You are a child of the Cosmos.


The one and only you; there will never be another just like you. You are the witnessto that which you are: As yourself (when you self-reflect);your culture (when you celebrate and critique it); and this world (when you enjoy and protect it). When you grow and evolve, you heal yourself and the mistakes and traumas of a collective past.

You are the link between the past and the future, and therefore an agent of change. Every perception, insight, and truth you have ever experienced is nested in an unfolding grid that is timeless and boundless. The way you think, feel, and behave are all connected to the original impulse.

As the story goes...

From the original dust clouds of particles, to circulating, spiraling galaxies, the balance of matter and dark matter, and the imagination of basic elements, the creative force of the universe shines. With life emerging on Earth, rapid changes formed not only our planet but the whole cosmos. From the elemental bacteria that swam in the ancient waters of our planet to today’s modern humans, life has been consistently updating its biological and psychological prototypes to have increased interaction with itself, from countless perspectives.

After the explosion of biological evolution, which started roughly four billion years ago, an inner supernova of consciousness emerged, and it radically changed the world we inhabit. Over the past 50,000 years, not much has changed in our physical appearance or genetic makeup, but we are almost unrecognizable from our ancestors. Think about it—in 15,000 years, a nanosecond in cosmic time, we moved from painting on cave-walls to doodling on iPads!

You were part of all of this—a 14.7 billion-year miracle in the making. You are literally made of stardust. You exist at a balance point between chaos and order, between being and becoming.

Equilibrium is your goal.

Evolution is your quest.

The seven centres of the self

Safety, grounD & acceptance

There cannot be sustainable growth without equilibrium and that can only come when the organism feels safe. Safety is the ground on which life can thrive and bloom. The lack of safety and ground is one of our biggest challenges as a society because so many people are uprooted and dislocated. Without this foundation, it is extremely diffcult to explore needs, values and feelings. 

Diversity & permission

Exploring the edges of the self with full inner permission. The ability to feel an ever growing range of emotions and sensations while feeling safe enough to speak openly about challenging or difficult experiences with self and others. Diversity in feelings and permission to need allow for the authentic sense of self to emerge.  

Will, power & actualization

Understanding, embodying and utilizing ones power in the world, while still maintaining ambiguity and psychological flexibility, a value based live. Our self-actualization establishes the capacity to connect and love. 

Connection, love & Healthy relationshipS

Awakening to the profound interdependency, and intrinsic connection we share with the natural world, life and God— endlessly expanding, evolving, and exploring inner and outer domains. once we become aware of the inescapable, life- giving, and interwoven connection we share, we find our place in the world at large and as an embodiment of nature. This sense of belonging and connection with the natural world, life and God allow us to develop a strong experiential awareness of our life force. With that, comes the ability to express and communicate honestly and with vulnerability. 

Expression & communication

With increased sense of aliveness, connection and embodied self- awareness, there is also an increase in creative potential, expression and verbal (and non verbal) non-violent conversations. Individual expressions (which includes the five core dimensions of human experience) bring forth a new order of integration in communities that manifests as localized events of unified reality. Thus, allowing consciousness to be seen by itself, from a diversity of perspectives (people or nature). It is a paradoxical realization that the one is many, and yet, no “other” is present. It is the source of all psychological forces as they appear in the psyche of the individual, in culture, and society. The integration allows for a new vision to be born 

Vision—As committed action

When it comes to the health of our ecologies—the ecology within, without, and between—we cannot only speak theoretically about the psychosocial and environmental crisis, but develop a clear vision for the future that is action oriented. All this is to say that a transformative and sacred dialogue is held by a presence of simple-being (or aliveness) that accommodates diverse and ever-growing perspectives (me, you, we, they, and that) within a relational awareness to the environment, without sacrificing individuality. These first (I), second (WE), and third (ITS) in transformative dialogue are then acknowledged, felt, and known. 


Non-duality & the present moment

Beyond personal and collective ideas, social structures, and even time and space, reality is! Like images appearing in a mirror or waves in the ocean, the non-dual reality field is the ultimate state of consciousness; it is unaffected by anything and yet is everything. With no beginning or end and without limitations, it can be likened to the open sky. Non-duality begins the process of transformation at its end—we are always already liberated and free, and from this perspective, the only act is the recognition of that reality. Manifesting as human consciousness, the non-dual union can be understood as the ultimate state, integrating all seven contact points to our essence together with  the f our Integral zones; & the five core dimensions of human experience. 

The Five dimensions of human experience


Embodied insights, somatic awareness, trauma relief, chemical and hormonal balance.


Our moving, gushing, intelligent energy. Supports the exploration of one’s emotional life and of one’s capacity to have healthy transactions with others and with oneself. The ability to stay present and grounded even with difficult emotions arise. 

the Mind

Integration of shadow, developmental psychology, cognitive or behaviour adjustment, and the exploration of one’s narratives and values (all with consideration to the issue of diversity and coming from a person centred approach). A certain level of clarity about ones needs and how to express them, insight into their values and narrative, and a higher sense of wellbeing and self-love. 

Wisdom essence

This becomes the ground for the transpersonal, where through contemplative practices and an introduction to a wider map of the human psyche we can support (or suggest) a higher potential for a deeper existential life, where clients recognize their unique self, their expression, and their poetic life.


The non-dual suchness as wakeful awareness… Learning to rest as the nature of the mind, or resting as the content of the mind.

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