January 2021


Founder of the OMEGA CODEX


Intentional and effective leadership

Due to covid, some of our presenters and guest speakers will be joining us via zoom.

Mot presenter will be hosting a 2-3 hour micro workshop.

Some of our core faculty will be working with you on a regular basis. 

We created a retreat

to allow you to focus your attention and care

on that one thing you must bring to the world...


EMERGE: Inner transformation for social impact and cultural change 

Our integrative program is one of a kind. It honours your own initiative and unique vision for contributing meaningfully to the turbulent present and emerging future that is ripe with possibility. You will gain greater clarity on purpose and increase your capacity to achieve it or bring your passion and creativity to life—a community project to alleviate hunger, the formation of a new youth movement, a cultural transformation project, a climate change initiative, your solution for the homelessness or for healing human suffering, that book you need to write, or the documentary you need to produce... Whatever it is, let us help you bring it in to form. The world needs your brilliance, and we want to nurture you and your vision so that you can address that calling.

Cost: Thanks to donors, our pilot residential 300+ hour training program is being offered for as little as $120 a week to cover your accommodation .

Get in touch to learn about scholarships or sponsoring a trainee.  


Learning Experience 

While in the program you will receive:

  • Time for you to unplug, recharge, and vision your contribution

  • Our integrative program 

  • Group oriented processes  

  • Private therapy and coaching  

  • Weekly yoga and meditation 

  • Mindfulness training  

  • A personalized program of practices for self-development  

  • Earth based ceremonies  

  • Business plan development support

  • Final project mentorship 

  • Nature walks and hikes 

  • At the end of the retreat, you will be asked to present a final project connected to your future offering—e.g., a video (vlogs or short film), paper, book draft, business plan, presentation, or creative art based project.

= an immersive program (ranging from 300-500 hours)

Are you passionate about the earth and its future? Do you wake up at night thinking about ways to enhance connection, belonging, and meaning in ourselves and our communities? The only thing you need to know in order to join our three month residential transformational training is that things can be better!


We are offering eight placements in our pilot 12-week residential training beginning in January 2021 on Bowen Island, BC. If these questions speak to you, apply here. Registration closes on the 20th of November.



Topics we will cover

Facilitation stream 

  • Group facilitation— Skills, and clinical applications

  • Coach? mentor? minister? therapist?—a new leadership model for an earth in transition

  • Imagining future alternatives—social innovation for an unborn world 

  • When things get hard—creating safety and trust in times of crisis 


Psychology and personal development stream

  • Perspective holding—developmental psychology in community action 

  • Earth and the human soul—connecting with the more-than-human world  

  • From trauma to connection—the neuroscience of people and groups; trauma informed approaches 

  • Attachment theory and social change 

  • Psychological flexibility in relationships and work  

  • Stages of change—how to move from resistance to action 

  • Positive psychology and its implications for teams 


Consciousness and wisdom stream

  • Building rituals, telling stories—how to find your organizational rhythms

  • Embodied inner work—finding your personal spiritual path, meaning making, and purpose 

  • Integral theory—an overview 

  • The great traditions—a relevant review 

  • Beyond Politics—healing a divisive world 


= A comprehensive orientation 



Skills learned

  • Integrate emerging knowledge from neuroscience, psychology, spirituality, and leadership theory 

  • Develop increased self-reflection skills—new insights about yourself (values, needs, and purpose).

  • Improve communication skills 

  • Enhance your capacity to lead group processes and teams  

  • Establish a personal spiritual practice 

  • Build your clinical toolbox for working with people 

  • Become trauma informed

  • Apply diversity awareness skills 

  • Implement mindfulness practices in group settings 

  • Develop a compassionate outlook and developmental curiosity to inform your work with the people you coach, lead, and work with


= Impact for collective action

Program breakdown

EMERGE Program document (dragged).jpeg



Dr. Shahar Rabi

Program director, lead teacher 


Saskia Tait

Philosophy of self; East-west integration 


Jan Tize

Business development; Business plans 



Leadership, Integral coaching & personal transformation  


Human-centred design, creative problem solving and strategic foresight


Stories from the core; deep listening 


Christina Atkinson 

Stillness and silence as spiritual practice 


Rhythm and song for body, mind and spirit 


Art of hosting, healthy me, healthy planet, 

On being an entrepreneur


Founder of the OMEGA CODEX


Intentional and effective leadership