COVID-19 Statement


The NEI has undertaken extensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of the facilities and the people in it. We will continue to follow the guidance from BC Health Authorities, adapting to changes in the wider environment when necessary. We are committed to ongoing open and honest communications in light of the unfolding COVID-19 situation. 


Anyone attending the program from overseas will be required to self-isolate for 2 weeks prior to the start of the program. Living together for 3 months, programme participants will become a social bubble. The NEI will manage the safety of other guests/contractors to the centre and the risk this poses to participants through screening processes and safe, social distancing practices. We ask that all participants observe responsible COVID-aware practices whilst outside the centre for the safety of their fellow participants and our local community here on Bowen Island.  

We have an self quarantine room on site with a designated kitchen and bathroom in case anyone develops symptoms. 


The NEI will provide a safe and healthy learning space, with access to PPE and non-medical masks where required, first aid facilities and support to access screening and testing. There will also be a nominated supervisor at the centre to manage best practices relating to COVID and all other health and safety considerations. 


We ask participants to cooperate with COVID safety procedures, undertaking screening before arrival, maintaining a high level of personal hygiene (washing hands, using sanitizers) and reporting any development of symptoms during their stay as soon as possible. The NEI will also require you to disclose full contact information, including address, telephone number and email address for contact tracing purposes and a next of kin in case of emergency. 


Please do the COVID online screening questionnaire 3 days before you arrive at the centre.

We may ask you to provide a confirmation that you have done a Covid test before arriving at the centre. 

On top of these considerations and in addition to an already a high degree of cleanliness, the NEI is taking the following extra steps:


  • Regular sanitation of railings and doorknobs to bathrooms and hallway/entry-exit doorways

  • Added hand sanitizer to entryways and meeting spaces

  • Tissues in all meeting rooms, common areas and bedrooms.

  • In rooms where a staff member or guest has had a cold, additional deep cleaning of all hard and porous surfaces should be followed including wipe down of all surfaces and the laundering of all fabrics on a regular basis