Image by Drew Darby

Together in times of change 

An Ark is a social container. A place to gather to:

Re-Envision life in its’ full potential

Deeply understand ourselves

Live our values & Follow our dreams  

Reconnect to self, others and spirit

Embrace our purpose


in a world that is in crisis, there is a grater need to find refuge. A container that can keep us afloat in these turmoil and choppy cultural times. For me, one of the most powerful and relevant metaphors for this container is Noah's ark. By no means am I trying to speak of the literal biblical flood. I am only pointing to that sense of being contained and held while the world go through a profound transformation. 

The New Earth Institute believes that we need as many Arks as we can build for as many people. These, of course, are not physical structures but collective endeavours that are inclusive, understanding, and collaborative. Places where people can explore their grief around the earth, develop resilience, fill belonging, meet their spiritual needs and build community around what matters to them the most. What churches, masks, synagogues and other religious structures used to provide humanity throughout millennia. 

So many can hear the call, just as Noah did to build a container to keep them ‘alive’ (spiritually, psychologically, and physically) in a divisive and fragile world.


Like in the biblical story, we are the old world dying. We are also God’s wrath that wishes to destroy it; We are the person trying to defend the old and failing to do so; And we are also the builders of the Ark — Unwilling to believe that this is really happening and knowing it must be so. 

The Ark is a container for transformation in your community. It is how you can learn to let the old world(s) die, and how you can co-create the emerging new. In these transformative times, people and communities must prepare themselves for the changes they are going to be faced with, and in order to do so, need to have the outlook, wisdom and practice to build their own “arks” (each community and it’s own edges and unique struggles and thus its own ark).

The experience of a ‘flood’ coming is slowly becoming a reality for many. In culture, economy and in ecology. It might transform us slowly or rapidly, with devastating effects or just growing discomfort. But it is coming. And people and communities need to prepare themselves. In the ‘great waiting’ of our unique times, we might still be powerless to co-create the future we wish to have (unable to see it or manifest it fully), but we can protect what we care about — be it people, places, animals and our culture — until the time (our time), will come to act (this might take month or years). And we can do so by creating Arks — Local spaces of ‘in-between’ (worldview, time, place, perspectives) — To come together, envision, create, and emerge a new earth. One that is ours to make.


What could an Ark look like in your community? 

Please contact us for additional details on how you can join or lead an "ark" in your community 

Are you passionate about the earth and its future? Do you wake up at night thinking about ways to enhance connection, belonging and meaning within ourselves and our communities?