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Inspiring Action for a World in Transition


Inner Transformation For Collective Action

The New Earth Institute (NEI) inspires social impact and collective action that is driven by embodied integral experience through workshops and training programs. It supports those who embrace differences and seek common ground to develop visionary participatory initiatives. The NEI nurture and supports people with integrative tools for living a life of authenticity and wonder, embracing interconnectedness, and cultivating thriving communities committed to caring for the earth.

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Our Mission

Imagining Alternative Futures

We support the visionaries and mavericks who embrace the uncharted territory of evolutionary consciousness. Those who are not afraid to be both spiritual and practical, vulnerable and powerful, unapologetic and compassionate, who embrace differences in search of common grounds— to harness their gifts for a new earth.




EMERGE: Inner transformation for social impact and cultural change 

In these uncharted times, we need empathetic change makers and community creators who follow their passion to serve, the wisdom of our sacred earth, and the guidance of spirit. With help from generous donors, the NEI is launching an affordable three-month online integrative program to help you gain greater clarity on your purpose and increase your capacity to achieve it!

Explore the Self

Draw on neuroscience, psychological insights, and spiritual teachings and tap into your wisdom to move towards greater fulfillment, resilience, passion and knowledge of self.

Build Community

Design and facilitate new ideas for community engagements that foster deeper connections across differences. Explore how thriving, resilient communities can create collective impact for a world in transition.

Protect the Earth

Get religious about our planet! Re-connect with the earth and learn from it; build community-based initiatives in service of a thriving ecosystem.

Program: This inaugural program is free to selected participants  



Inner transformation for social impact and cultural change


Building the future of micro 

communities and guilds 


Connecting and scaling solutions, funding and communities


A new organizational model for global transformation 


Don't change a thing! Truly a worthwhile workshop. Thank you. And to people who are coming for the next workshop: You are very lucky!

The work we have done together has changed me so much. I came feeling broken and I feel so alive and present. Thank you!

Shahar not only listened; he introduced practical ways to grow in courageous learning and be more loving towards myself and in turn, others.