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New earth institute


“It is the courage to love, be and live fully that makes one a midwife for the birth of the Good, the Beautiful and the True” 

Dr. Shahar Rabi

The New Earth Institute is a non profit educational organization that offers programs, workshops, and public talks for people and communities seeking awakened and evolving lives that are based on wonder, vitality, fearlessness, and connection.


Embody your unique self

Explore a truly unique body-mind-relational model that facilitates the healing of (y)our collective traumas, increases co-regulation, and builds social resilience. This synergistic process will enable you to redefine who you are. 


Does God have a future? 

Take part in developing a spirituality that is built by communities for communities. Find a common ground that is relevant, open ended, dynamic and local. Learn how to facilitate meaningful conversations that bring people together in fearless connection and genuineness. 


Learn how to expand personal and relational creativity, dive to greater depths of subjectivity, and enhance somatic integration in your clients or workplace. Develop practical tools, skills, and interventions for true transformation. 

Master the language of life
Enhance to language of life

The unfolding: 

Life calls us to

reinvent ourselves

as co-creators

You probably felt it. A call to re-envision your life. You suddenly knew there is more to life then just surviving. You felt that life is deeply sacred, its depth endless, and its horizons unreachable. You remembered that you came here to inspire and to share your unique gifts and essence. 

That you are here to learn about life

and the goodness of your heart. To trust others 

and to free yourself 

From seeking approval.

You came to remember what turns you on and what makes you alive. 

Welcome to your divine reality! ​

BE inspired

We gather as a community to:

– Re-Envision life in its’ full potential

– Deeply understand ourselves

 – Live our values & Follow our dreams  

– Reconnect to self, others and spirit

– Embrace our purpose

new earth institute 
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